haven’t you always wondered for what can be done with all of the parts of your media systems?

Let’s talk about it together with our trainers! We offer workshops for all the different employees in your company to make their media technology skills more effective for daily use. The topics match their jobs, e.g. marketing, communication or technical personnel like:

  • What provides modern presentation technology for me as a lecturer and how can I use it?
  • How can I help myself out of simple average situations?
  • What do all the thousands of terms and definitions mean that are used in media and event technology?
  • What do I have to keep in mind for successful video conferences?
  • What kinds of signals and cables are important for successful integrations?
  • What is the nature of sound and how does this affect the design of a room?
  • How do I use the calculationg capacity of digital sound processors properly?
  • What does a good user interface look like?
  • …and many more.

Our workshops are compiled in the way Your company wants it to be done. Please ask our trainers for recommendations.