you want to raise a lecture hall, conference room or large multifunctional theatre hall and worry about its acoustical nature?

Rightly! Without suitable acoustics the room will not serve its purpose. Therefore, it has to be analyzed in reference to certain criteria – even long before it is going to be built up.

We know all these criteria very well:

  • What size and shape shall the hall take?
  • Where will the lecturer be – and where the listeners?
  • How long will the audience have to listen to spoken words?
  • What kind of acoustical quality is expected by the user in terms of sound for films and music? In witch part of the room?

Together with the architect we develop a three-dimensional model of the room. This is useful to analyze it’s acoustical charakter according to particular data: the reverberation time over the frequency tells us much about the action needed.

Only after the design of the room is completed, we begin to talk about loudspeakers. Number, position, size, function and most particular architectural interoperability come to the fore. In this way we design operationally reliable sound systems exactly fitted to the room and it’s users.